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Fraud Alert

There is currently a known fraud scheme targeting resellers of technology products, including Cisco Channel Partners. The fraudsters are buying internet domain names similar to real end users and are then, via email, posing as that end user to purchase a large volume of Cisco products on credit from the reseller. The reseller supplies the requested products on credit, but no payment is received.

Protect yourself

Brand Protection

Cisco partners with law enforcement and government to combat crime and protect consumers.

Why our work matters

IP theft and counterfeiting lead to lost jobs and tax revenue, compromised security, and increased organized crime.


Revenue lost by U.S. companies alone due to pirated software.


Revenue of global IT industry lost to counterfeiters annually.

Source: Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement (AGMA)


Cost of IP threats to domestic companies.

How the Cisco Brand Protection Team combats illegal activities and protects consumers

Investigation and enforcement

We pursue global investigations to catch and stop the largest offenders.

Global partnerships

We partner with law enforcement and government agencies to combat crime and protect local economies.

Education and awareness

We help our Cisco customers and partners verify products and learn how to protect themselves.

Intelligence and analysis

We develop analytic tools and collect actionable intelligence on illegal activities worldwide.

Anti-counterfeiting defenses

We develop technologies to detect and prevent illegal activities, including tools for customs officials.

Digital fraud protection

We combat illegal activity done through computer programs, websites, emails, or other online tools. 


Learn about the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement with Cisco.

Cisco requires our partners to certify they have reviewed Cisco's Off-Book Funds training.

Access the training and learn more about Cisco’s position on the use of Off-Book Funds.


Oliver Tuszik Counterfeit Message November 2021

Cisco's Channel Leader comments on Brand Protection's anti-counterfeit efforts

Brand Protection showcased at the Cisco Partner Summit Digital 2020

Oliver Tuszik highlights Cisco's commitment to combat grey market and counterfeit products.

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Check out Vology's journey from joining our Authorized Partner program to becoming a Gold Partner selling cloud based solutions and Cisco Refresh.

Brand Protection & Cisco Refresh

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Brand Protection in the spotlight

Oliver Tuszik describes how Cisco Brand Protection helps partners defend against the risks of grey market and counterfeit products.

How Brand Protection supports Cisco partners

Learn about Cisco Brand Protection's priorities in combatting unauthorized and counterfeit and protecting our partners' investment in Cisco

Identify counterfeit and pirated products

Cisco has created a platform that details key security features on the carton security, PCBA, and module security labels found on genuine Cisco products.

Contact Brand Protection

The Brand Protection Team operates around the globe. Fill out our form for assistance or to report suspicious activities.